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You have invested in a quality natural mattress. Shield your investment by taking great care of it with these natural mattress care suggestions.


Great base for the natural mattress:


Set yourself up to give your mattress a long lifestyle by placing it on the great base. If you have bought a natural mattress made of all-natural supplies like natural cotton, wool, latex rubber, or hemp, you will need to let it breath, and a strong platform base will never do. A synthetic box spring base is also unhealthy for the mattress because it will not permit sufficient air motion. Equally problematic is placing your natural mattress straight on the floor.


There are a number of options for supplying sufficient air motion to your natural mattress. Slatted platform frames or natural box spring foundations are both great options for permitting your to breathe. If neither of these options is feasible, think about drilling 1" holes into the strong platform of your bed frame to permit air to movement more freely.


Cover your natural mattress with natural bedding:


Equally essential for the mattress is the bedding you select to cover it with, and right here natural bedding is the sole way to go. Begin by choosing an all-natural wool or cotton mattress pad or protector. This will permit your mattress to breathe whilst protecting it from stains and soiling. Choose natural bedding made of natural cotton, bamboo, wool, hemp, and the like to finish off your natural sleep system.


In the event you want to get the most out of your natural mattress, steer clear of goods like magnetic sheets, synthetic foam toppers and barrier covers, and synthetic mattress covers. All of these will choke the air motion and stop your mattress from breathing naturally.


Be certain to launder your natural bedding on the regular basis. Take this chance to let your mattress breathe even more than usual. Depart each the sheets and mattress topper off (airing within the sun if feasible) of the mattress for a number of hours to let it air out. Some even suggest moving your mattress into the sun to get a complete air-out encounter.


Flipping your natural mattress:


Whether or not you need to flip your natural mattress will rely largely on what kind you have bought. Here is a fast way to know whether or not you need to flip your mattress or not:


one. Monthly mattress flipping: Innerspring mattresses and futons ought to be flipped and/or rotated on the monthly base to ensure the springs are worn evenly more than time. Some makers will suggest less frequent flipping and rotating - just watch how your mattress wears and flip more often in the event you discover uneven slumping or indentations.


two. No flipping needed: If you have selected an all-natural latex rubber mattress, you don't need to flip it or rotate it whatsoever. Latex is a more tough item and will not encounter the same uneven wearing issues that springs will.


Spot cleaning your natural mattress:


Hopefully your natural mattress topper will stop your mattress from becoming soiled or stained, but within the event that something unforeseen occurs, right here are some all-natural cleaning suggestions for maintaining your mattress searching and smelling as great as new:


one. Begin by vacuuming the mattress first when the area is dry to get out as a lot debris as feasible. Subsequent, spot-dab the stain having a somewhat wet sponge and a little bit of all-natural soap. Let air dry.

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